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Unit 10
(一)be supposed to 的用法
be supposed to sth . 意为“应该做某事”,其中to为不定式符号,后跟动词原形,可与should do 互换,两者多用于口语中,也可等同于ought to do sth ,但后者使用较少,多用于正式文体中。
考点1 be supposed to ...意为“应该..理应..” 它可以用来表示劝告、建议、义务、责任、或按规定。习惯、安排等应当做某事,相当于情态动词 should .
eg : Teachers are supposed to treat all the students alike . 老师应该对学生一视同仁。
The train was supposed to arrive half an hour ago 火车本应在半小时之前到达。
考题在线1 You should wear running shoes in PE classes . (同义句改写)
You’re _______wear running shoes in PE classes .
考题在线2 根据汉语提示补全句子
Cats ________ to catch mice.
考点2 be supposed to ..的否定结构为be not supposed to ..它常用于口语中,意为“不被允许;不应当”
eg : You are not supposed to smoke on the bus . 你不准在公共汽车上吸烟。
be expected to 的用法
be expected to 意为“预计;预料”,用来表示预料之中会发生的事,也可意为“应该”, to是动词不定式符号,后接动词原形。
eg : It is expected to have a meeting next Friday . 预计下周五将会有一个会议。
They are expected to be here the day after tomorrow . 他们预计后天到这里。
考题在线3 共享单车的使用人数今年有望达到五千万。
The number of shared bike users ___________ reach 50 million this year (expect ) .
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