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M: It’s a beautiful day today. How about a little trip out into the countryside
W: That sounds great. What will we do
M: I don’t know. I really haven’t thought about what we would do. I would just like to get away from the city for a while.
W: Would you like a picnic or to buy something to eat
M: A picnic! It sounds good to me.
W: OK. If you give me about an hour, we could have fried chicken, some salad, cookies and something to drink. What do you think about that
M: It will be delicious. I can hardly wait to eat.
W: While I’m doing this, why don’t you plan our trip
M: All right, that sounds like a good idea.
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Text 1
W: This keyboard is very dirty. Can you give me another one
M: Sorry. I’ll just clean it for you. Can you pass me the cleaner
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Text 2
W: I can hardly hear the singer. Those fans are crazy. They are so loud.
M: Aren’t you excited
W: No! I’m thinking of leaving here as soon as possible.
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Text 3
M: Hi, I’m thinking of taking a trip during the Christmas holiday.
W: We offer different routes. Where would you like to go
M: Well, maybe somewhere warm and sunny.
W: How about a tour to Southeast Asia
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Text 4
M: How much are these T-shirts Are they on sale now
W: Yes, they are usually $40 each, but they are on sale now and you can get 50% off.
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Text 5
M:?Did you attend the lecture last night
W:?No. I visited my aunt in the hospital. What was it about
M:?It’s centered on parents’ role in the education of their children.
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Text 6
W: What is the best way to get to Waterfront Park from here Can I take the subway
M:?No,you needn’t. You can catch Number 34 bus in front of that hotel. Get off at Harbor Street. Actually, it’s just a short walk from here.
W: Really How far is it
M:?About ten or fifteen minutes’ walk.
W: That sounds like a better choice. Thank you.
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Text 7
M:?Excuse me, could I get a blanket, please I’m a little cold.
W:?Certainly, sir. Would you like a pillow as well
M:?No, thank you. But could I have some water
W: Sure, would you like ice in it
M: No, thank you...Oh! By the way, could I have a pen to fill in this feedback form
W: I don’t have one with me right now, but I’ll get one for you.
M: Thanks. Do you know when we will be landing I’m looking forward to getting to Florida because there’s a lot of sunshine and I can enjoy swimming.
W: In about 2 hours. Take your time, sir.
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Text 8
W: How could I lose weight, Dr Bright I seem to get fatter when I just look at food.
M: Well, Jenifer. It depends on how much you eat, the type of food you eat, and when you eat your meals.
W: I never eat breakfast, though.
M: That’s a big mistake. You should always have a good breakfast. You know, your car won’t run without fuel. So don’t expect your body to work without food.
W: I’ve never thought about it that way.
M: You should eat more vegetables and fruits, low-fat foods such as chicken without the skin, and fish. Don’t eat pork. It will make you fat.
W: I know, Doctor, thank you so much. I should also go to the gym tomorrow evening. Oh, I have to go. I almost forget that I have a meeting at 10 a.m..
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Text 9
W: Welcome, James! Just come in!
M: Thank you, Katherrine. Wow! How beautiful your apartment is! You must have spent a fortune on it. I specially like the study. It looks nice.
W: To redecorate my apartment I have been saving money for two years. You see, I have eventually done everything now.
M: Great! Oh, you have got the new curtains, too! They are light blue. I love the color. Wow, the sofa! It’s comfortable. I could sit on it all day!
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