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第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共95分)
1. What is the woman
A. A student. B. A secretary. C. A teacher.
2. What does the woman say about Tom
A. He works hard.
B. He is clever.
C. He is popular.
3. What are the speakers talking about
A. Where to meet Mr Jackson.
B. Whether to call Mr Jackson.
C. When to meet Mr Jackson.
4. How will the man go to the airport tomorrow
A. By bus. B. By taxi. C. By car.
5. Where will the woman go tonight
A. To a party. B. To a theatre. C. To the man’s home.
6. What is the boy’s favourite song
A. My Love.
B. Yesterday Once More.
C. My Heart Will Go on.
7. What does the boy think of the song My Heart Will Go On
A. Noisy. B. Boring. C. Great.
8. Where does the man like to go
A. To an island. B. To the beach. C. To a pub.
9. What does the woman like doing
A. Being away from the tourists.
B. Meeting people when she is on holiday.
C. Making friends with people who speak Spanish.
10. What was the man doing at noon
A. Selling tickets of a dancing party.
B. Putting up posters of a dancing party.
C. Handing out leaflets(传单) on a dancing party.
11. What does the man think of his work in the Students’ Union
A. It’s a great honour.
B. It’s a waste of time.
C. It’s full of useful experience.
12. What relation is the woman to the man
A. His teacher. B. His mother. C. His classmate.
13. What does the man say about his new neighbourhood
A. There is no store nearby.
B. There is slight air pollution.
C. There is no heavy traffic.
14. How long does it take the man to drive to work
A. For about 20 minutes.
B. For about 30 minutes.
C. For about 40 minutes.
15. How does the woman go to work every day
A. By subway. B. By bus. C. By car.
16. What is the probable relationship between the speakers
A. A couple. B. Neighbours. C. Workmates.
17. Where is the speaker from
A. India. B. America. C. Venezuela.
18. How old was the speaker when he moved to South America
A. 19. B. 20. C. 21.
19. What was the speaker’s major in the university
A. Japanese history.
B. English literature.
C. Spanish education.
20. What does the speaker like doing in his spare time
A. Cycling.
B. Playing football.
C. Listening to music.
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分35分)
“If you’re busy preparing for your job interview now, you could learn a lot by watching this show,” says Joe Turner.
Mr. Turner says American Idol (美国偶像) has many lessons to teach an employee about making an impression in a job interview, especially selling your strengths and skills.
To win on American Idol, “you don’t have to be the best singer, just the most memorable singer,” he said. “Same for the job interview — you don’t have to be the best employee with the top skills, but you do have to be the most memorable employee worth being hired.”
The No.1 thing in an interview and a job search is knowing your audience. For American Idol competitors, the judges and voting public are the audience; for job hunters, it’s the hiring manager.
Just as talented American Idol competitors lack confidence when singing the wrong song, job hunters can fail to be chosen when they fail to present their skills according to the employer’s needs.
“Difference” is how Mr. Turner describes the way American Idol competitors stand out among singers who may be equally good.
In the real world, the right skills, education and experience still make one’s ability different or memorable. But it’s important for the job hunter to present “something special” that he or she has to offer.
A recent survey suggests that managers often sense whether they’ll hire someone within minutes after the first handshake. Just as an Idol competitor prepares for performances, a job hunter should prepare carefully to make the first good impression.
Job hunters also can learn from past American Idol winners who proved an ability to recover from setbacks. If they can take feedback (反馈), make improvements and make sure they’re better prepared the next go-round, that will pay off eventually.
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