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( ) 1. Mary ping-pong on weekends.
A. plays B. am play C. playing D. is plays

( ) 2. There a pen and two pencils in the box.
A. are B. is C. has D. have

( ) 3. Everything fast in spring.
A. begin B. grow C. grew D. grows

( ) 4. Summer spring.
A. comes in B. comes after C. comes before D. coming

( ) 5. Last morning she to the supermarket.
A. go B. goes C. is going D. went

( ) 6. Kate is a good student. She English.
A. do well in B. well do it C. does good at D. is good at

12 动词时态1 最常见的6种时态的认知测试(含答案).doc
12 动词时态2 一般现在时(含答案).doc
12 动词时态3 一般过去时(含答案).doc
12 动词时态4 一般将来时(含答案).doc
12 动词时态5 现在进行时(含答案).doc
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