[ID:4-6300772] [精]2019全国中考英语真题分类汇编:动词短语(分省汇编,含解析)
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1.(2019·天津)If you want to join the Music Club. the form, please.
A.go out B.fill out C.get up D.warm up
2.(2019·河北)On the first day of Chinese New Year, we_________ new clothes and visit people.
A.pick up B.put on C.take off D.throw away
3.(2019·山西)Fighting for your dream is like climbing a mountain. Whatever difficulties you meet, don’t . Just move on.
A.set off B.come ou C.give up
4.(2019·内蒙古)Everything from how we cook meat to what we eat for dinner can _____our brain health.
A.take pride in B.have an interest in C.play a role in D.believe in
5.(2019·内蒙古)Ben was helping his mother when the rain began to beat heavily ________the windows.
A.against B.across C.above D.below
6.(2019·内蒙古)I really need to take more exercise because I’m _______weight.
A.putting down B.putting on C.putting off D.putting away
7.(2019·辽宁)Could you please help me______ the notices after school
Yes, sure.
A.give out B.come out C.work out D.sell out
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