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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time! Section B Reading Teaching aims: 1. 熟练掌握if 引导的条件句式。 2. 能够正确面对挫折和困难,寻求积极的解决方法和态度。 3. 培养学生提高阅读能力与提升阅读策略应用。 Language points: 1.重点词汇及词组: teenager , wallet, mile, step, experience,advise , solve, trust, normal , angry ,understanding ,careless ,certainly ,halfway ,else,unless,in half, lose one's wallet, be afraid to, keep thinking, in the end, make careless mistakes, ask...to be more careful, remember to, share with, in the future 2. 重点句式: I think talking to people helps a lot. Unless we talk to someone, we'll certainly feel worse. It is best not to run away from our problems. This person doesn't need to be an expert like himself. Sharing a problem is like cutting it in half. Important and Difficult points:应用if 引导的条件句式,并顺利就阅读材料内容表达自己的观点。 Teaching steps: 【Before reading】 Let students enjoy a piece of video. Free talk According to the video, the teacher talks about “problems” with students , and leads to the passage. 【While reading】 Fasting reading Work on 2b Read the passage quickly and find out which statement expresses the main idea of the passage. a. If people have problems, they should get advice from an expert. b. If people have problems, they should talk to other people. c. If people have problems, they should try to keep them to themselves. Skim the passage again and find out the main idea of each paragraph. Para.1_________ Para. 2_________ Para. 3_________ Careful reading Read Para.1 carefully, and answer the questions. Q1: Who is Laura ? Q2: What’s her idea about problems? Read Para.2 and complete the sentences. Laura once _________________. She ________ tell her parents about it, because she kept thinking “ If I ____ my parents ,they ______ be angry.” _____________, she told her parents and they were really _____________. They got her a new wallet and ______ her to be more careful. (4) Laura will always _________________ share her problems in the future. Read Para.3 and choose the right answers. ( ) Don’t run away from the problems. Try to solve them. What are Robert’s ideas? ( ) Find someone you trust to talk to. ( ) Get advice from an expert. ( ) Get help from your parents . Mind map 【Post reading】 Do a survey in groups. Q: What are your problems in life ? Ask students about his or her problems in your groups and give your advice to the problems , then write them down. Name Problems Your advice Give a report. In our group, _______ has a problem. He/ She _________________. I think he / she should ____________________________________. If he/ she ________________, he/ she will____________________. ______ has a problem with ________. I think he/ she can __________. If he/ she ___________________, he/ she will _________________. …….. 【Homework】 Oral: Tell one of your own stories about problems in your life. Written: 写一篇关于如何应对生活中遇到的困难的作文。 Eg: If people have problems, they should not keep them to themselves...
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