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By the end of the century,if not sooner,the world’s oceans will be bluer and greener thanks to a warming climate,according to a new study.
At the heart of the phenomenon lie tiny marine microorganisms(海洋微生物)called phytoplankton. Because of the way light reflects off the organisms,these phytoplankton create colourful patterns at the ocean surface. Ocean colour varies from green to blue,depending on the type and concentration of phytoplankton. Climate change will fuel the growth of phytoplankton in some areas,while reducing it in other spots,leading to changes in the ocean’s appearance.
Phytoplankton live at the ocean surface,where they pull carbon dioxide(二氧化碳)into the ocean while giving off oxygen. When these organisms die,they bury carbon in the deep ocean,an important process that helps to regulate the global climate. But phytoplankton are vulnerable to the ocean’s warming trend. Warming changes key characteristics of the ocean and can affect phytoplankton growth,since they need not only sunlight and carbon dioxide to grow,but also nutrients.
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