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(2019新课标I)Is Fresh Air Really Good for You
We all grew up hearing people tell us to “go out and get some fresh air.” ____36____ According to recent studies,the answer is a big YES,if the air quality in your camping area is good.
___37___ If the air you’re breathing is clean-which it would be if you’re away from the smog of cities-then the air is filled with life-giving,energizing oxygen. If you exercise out of doors,your body will learn to breathe more deeply,allowing even more oxygen to get to your muscles(肌肉)and your brain.
Recently,people have begun studying the connection between the natural world and healing(治愈). _____38_____ In these places patients can go to be near nature during their recovery. It turns out that just looking at green,growing things can reduce stress,lower blood pressure,and put people into a better mood(情绪).Greenery is good for us. Hospital patients Who see tree branches out their window are likely to recover at a faster rate than patients who see buildings or sky instead. ______39______ It gives us a great feeling of peace.
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